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January 8, 2008 

Announcements: Captain Dianna Marshall - "Update on missing student"; Carlyn Chatfield (IT) - "Conversations with IT"; Scott Helsinger (HR) - "Service Awards"

-  Dr. James Coleman, Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology -

    "Some observations of Research at Rice: a Four Month Perspective"

-  Linda Thrane, Vice President for Public Affairs to introduce Ray Martinez, Director of Government Relations (Public Affairs)

-  Tessie Skulski (Controller's Office) - "Procedures for Travel, Business & Entertainment, &      

     Purchasing" (Handout:Procedures)

Handouts:Administrative Calendar, Ask The Expert, New Hires 

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Time:  8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
Location:  Anderson Family Commons, McNair Hall (JGS)
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