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Administrators' Forum

April 8, 2008 

  • Announcements: Kathy Collins (VP for Finance) to introduce Brian Soika, Director of Procurement 
  • Mary Cronin (HR)/ Richard Zansitis (General Counsel) - "Conflict of Interest" policy 
  • Stephanie Post Ex. Dir. Center for Civic Engagement)/Bob Stein (Political Science) –                 “Center for Civic Engagement 
  •  Marc Scarborough (IT Security Officer) – “IT Security 
  •  Elaine Britt (HR) – “Open Enrollment 
  •  Scott Helsinger/Amanda Hickman/Colleen Dutton (HR) – “Best Places to Work” Survey 
  •  Colleen  Dutton – “Update on Overtime Requirements 
  •  Jana Callan (HR) – “Campus Job Fair” 

Handouts:  Administrative Calendar, Ask The Expert, New Hires, Conflict of Interest Policy, Campus Sessions, IT Security (1)(2)(3), Who Knew-Benefits  

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Location:  Anderson Family Commons, McNair Hall (JGS)
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